Updates on Initiatives for Bee Cave Businesses

Gas Cards Helped Hundreds of Bee Cave Workers
Posted on 01/24/2023
EDB updates

Tuesday was the Bee Cave Economic Development Board’s first meeting of 2023. Business Communications Specialist, Dori Kelley, provided updates on completed programs and current initiatives that further support the city’s businesses and their specific needs.

Miss Kelley began with updates on the recent gas card program that originated during a business roundtable with Bee Cave Mayor Kara King. Last July, the Bee Cave Economic Development Board voted to match up to $15,000 raised for a Bee Cave worker gas card program to assist workers with the rising gas prices. This program was in partnership with the Lake Travis Chamber of Commerce and ran during the last quarter of 2022 and is now completed.

The cards were available to eligible workers within the Bee Cave city limits. Business owners and managers could apply monthly for their eligible workers to get $50 HEB gas cards.

“We didn't get the full $15,000 match, however, we received over $7,000 in business and community contributions. In addition, the dollar-to-dollar match from the Bee Cave Economic Development Board brought the total funds to $14,550 that went out to eligible workers in $50 HEB gas cards.” Miss Kelley explained.

291 $50 gas cards were distributed to eligible workers in the Bee Cave city limits from September to December 2022.

Miss Kelley further explained the information captured from the program and distances workers travel. “We discovered some workers commuting as far as Bastrop to Primrose to teach preschool, which is a 45-mile commute one way. Kingsland to Chick-fil-A as cooks, which is also 45 miles away and a 2-hour commute there and back. Saltgrass Steakhouse has cooks and backend kitchen staff traveling from St.Johns Colony, which is a 45-mile commute and 2hrs of travel time per day. The most shocking was Shipley’s Donuts and Chick-fil-A. Both had workers coming as far as Kileen, which is an 82-mile commute one way to work. That is an hour and a half of drive time, one-way, and includes tolls.”

Miss Kelley concluded this update expressing that the city only received positive feedback from the business owners and managers sharing that several were emotional and shared that their workers were too.


Miss Kelley went on to reveal Bee Cave’s newest way to support their businesses. Through the launch of a plastic card, available only to workers in the Bee Cave city limits, that provides discounts on products and services in the 78738 zip code.

“Our businesses struggle to recruit staff and retain the staff they currently have. So at the start of the year, we launched the 78738 Worker Appreciation Discount Card as a tool to assist our businesses with retaining their workers.” Miss Kelley said. “I left a card at each of your seats and would like to ask that you scan the QR code on the back to see the growing list of businesses and the discounts or perks they offer with the card. By scanning the QR code, you can become more familiar with this tool and share the information with Bee Cave businesses you frequent.” Currently there are close to 30 businesses contributing to the card since its launch January 5th.

Miss Kelley’s final update was the introduction to Bee Cave’s first Economic Development Board website

“We are starting to drive traffic to this site through initiatives like the current BeeWell program and upcoming job fairs. We are continuing to expand this site and make it a resourceful platform for our current businesses and new developments and drive further economic development to the city.”