Tree Pruning Ordinances

Oak Wilt

The City of Bee Cave requires residents, businesses and commercial tree care companies to first apply for a permit before removing or trimming trees in our area. We have a high Oak Wilt rate, and this fungal disease can not only kill your Oaks if they get infected (and most likely will) but it can spread throughout your neighborhood, infecting and killing most of the Oak trees in its path.

Protecting Oaks

Here are the most important steps you can take to protect your oaks:

  • Paint all wounds on oaks immediately.
  • Prune when the risk is low: Freeze for your trees, or Sweat for your shade.
  • Never prune February through June!
  • Destroy infected red oaks before they make spores.
  • Beware oak wilt-infected firewood.

Pruning Season

Oak trees should only be pruned July - January, when the risk of Oak wilt is lowest. Pruning outside of these months can incur up to a $500 fine per day of violation.


Oak Wilt sign