Adopt-A-Park/Trail Program

Bee Philanthropic!

On October 22, 2018 the City of Bee Cave City Council approved a new volunteer program with the primary purpose of partnering with Bee Cave and area residents in an effort to uphold high standards for the City's growing park and trail system. Parks and Facilities department staff were charged with coordinating and managing the City's Adopt-A-Park/Trail volunteer program on a year-round basis. The following links provide information about the program.

Adopt-A-Park/Trail Program Summary

How to Apply

Adopt-A-Park/Trail Policies

Adopt-A-Park/Trail Application

If you or your group are interested in adopting a park or segment of trail please reach out to Lanie Marcotte for more information.

Philanthropic Fun

Dog Park Web

Sculpture Park

Pick your park/trail and join in the philanthropic fun!!!

It is with extreme gratitude that the Parks and Facilities staff lists the
volunteer partnerships and opportunities below

Parks/Trails Needing Adoption Adopted By:
1. Bee Cave Central Park - Active Section (Front of park, large pavilion & trails) Friends of
Bee Cave Parks
2. Bee Cave Central Park - Health & Wellness Pavilion Area/Tunnel (Former Dog Park area & Trail)
3. Bee Cave Central Park - Passive Section (Back of park, small pavilion & trails)
4. Bee Cave Dog Park - Large and small dog areas
5. Bee Cave Hill Country Galleria Trail (across from HCG and to the West of CVS)
6. Bee Cave Primitive Park Trail (located in Falconhead West)

Friends of
Bee Cave Parks &
Flath Family

7. Bee Cave Sculpture Park and Trail Nell Penridge
8. Bee Cave Hike and Bike Trail Section 1 - Falconhead Blvd to Estates
9. Bee Cave Hike and Bike Trail Section 2 - Estates to Ladera Blvd Paul Vickery
10. Bee Cave Hike and Bike Trail Section 3 - Ladera Blvd to Central Park Paul Vickery
11. Bee Cave Hike and Bike Trail Section 4 - Central Park to Hill Country Galleria