Hotel Occupancy Tax Funds


The City of Bee Cave accepts applications from organizations wishing to receive financial support through the Local Hotel Occupancy Tax (HOT) revenue collected.

1) The City Council serves as the Hotel Occupancy Tax (HOT) Committee and convenes on an as-need basis but no less than quarterly intervals. The HOT Committee will typically convene prior to regular City Council meetings which are generally scheduled on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month.
2) To be considered for funding, applicants must complete an application including all required attachments. Digital applications may be submitted to the City Manager, Julie Oakley.
3) If your application is included on the HOT Committee agenda as posted, you will have the opportunity to provide a presentation to the Committee during their public meeting.
4) The City Manager or designee of the City of Bee Cave will review the application for completeness.
5) Each applicant will be notified of an award following approval by the HOT Committee at which time one-half of the approved funding may then be requested by the organizer.
6) A post-event report is required in order to receive final payment. Once the event is complete, receipts that reflect actual expenditures must be submitted. City Manager or designee of the City of Bee Cave will review the post-event report for completeness.
7) The remaining one-half of approved funding amount may then be distributed to the applicant. Unspent funds or unapproved expenditures will not be paid. The applicant may be asked to provide additional documentation prior to receiving a final funding payment. Failure to request funds prior to the end of the fiscal year (September 30th) for which they were granted may result in forfeiture.

Rules Governing the Hotel Occupancy Tax Application
The applicant must present evidence the event will increase overnight stays in the City of Bee Cave that are consistent with the amount of HOT revenues requested. An example: the event takes place over several days; a portion of the participants travel more than 100 miles and stay in lodging located in the City of Bee Cave.

1) Funding requests of hotel occupancy tax revenues may statutorily be used only for the promotion of tourism. Expenditure of funds for unauthorized purposes may result in recapture and/or adversely impact future requests.
2) The applicant must ensure that is listed as a source for the City of Bee Cave on any and all promotional information you provide to registrant and/or vendor/event attendees, including event websites. Also all Bee Cave hotels must be advised of the event in advance, have access to mailing lists including sufficient time to participate in the bidding for both primary bookings and overflow.
3) Future applications should include information collected from the post event report

Hotel Occupancy Procedures and Tax Fund Application