Officers for Hire

Secondary Employment of Law Enforcement

The Bee Cave Police Department (BCPD) allows employees who are commissioned Peace Officers to work in a Secondary Employment Off-Duty capacity in accordance with the department's policies, state and local laws. Peace Officers engage in Off-Duty Employment as independent contractors.

A BCPD officer's primary responsibility while working in an Off-Duty status, in uniform or in plain clothes, is the enforcement of federal and state laws and county ordinances; to protect life and property and to keep the peace. Officers engaged in a secondary employment job will not refuse to assist any citizen requesting or needing assistance and can be called away from any secondary employment job if an emergency arises.

BCPD has the right to refuse any request to hire our officers. All requests are subject to approval. Local background checks are done on individuals requesting to hire officers for private functions. Because our primary responsibility is to the citizens of Bee Cave, we cannot guarantee we will be able to fulfill your request.

Any individual, organization or business submitting an application to hire our officers is considered a Contractor for the duration of the employment.

Peace Officer Rates - per officer with a 4-hour minimum:

General Security - $50/hr

Police Bicycle Certified Officer - $53/hr

Emergency Situations (less than 48 hour notice) - $60/hr

Supervisors when Required (determined by complexity of request) - $60/hr

Vehicle Rate - $20/hr, 2-hour minimum


To hire Off-Duty Officers, contact Lt. Montez at [email protected] or call 512-767-6650.