Code Enforcement

The Code Compliance Department serves to maintain the City's quality of life and ensure community values are reflected in the physical environment by enforcing City ordinances and adopted codes such as the International Building and Fire Codes. We strive to make residents and business owners aware of the areas addressed in the City of Bee Cave Code of Ordinances that are relevant to them because we believe this helps maintain property values, preserve neighborhood integrity, and provide safe living and working environments.

Common code violations include the following:

Code Section
Sign code violations Sec. 28.01.003
Tall grass and weeds Secs. 26.02.001/14.02.003
Unpermitted construction Sec. 24.02.401
Roadside sales Ch. 32
Public nuisances Sec. 14.02.003
Dirt/silt run off Sec. 20.04
Zoning violations Ch. 32



When there is a code violation, the City contacts the property owner in person, by phone, by email, or in writing to make them aware of the violation and what remedies are available to ensure compliance. Our primary goal is for property owners to make the needed corrections in a timely manner to bring the property into compliance with the City's ordinances as uncorrected code violations may result in fines ranging from $500.00 to $2,000.00 per violation (note: the City only enforces the adopted City ordinances and does not enforce deed restrictions or covenants as they are part of a civil agreement between a property owner and the Home Owners' Association).

If you would like additional information on the City's ordinances, please contact Omar Lopez, Code Enforcement Officer, at 512-767-6673 or via e-mail.

To report a code violation, please visit the Solution Center at

Contact Information
Omar Lopez, Code
Enforcement Officer/Building Inspector

4000 Galleria Pkwy
Bee Cave, TX 78738

Ph: 512.767.6673