Bee City USA Affiliate

Since 2021, the City of Bee Cave has been designated as a Bee City USA Affiliate. This designation is only given to cities that actively work to protect native bee populations and educate the community about these vital insects on a regular basis. To this effort, we have participated in many initiatives to protect and educate our native bees, including:

  • Hosting an annual Books and Bees Festival, which includes literature, interactive activities and awareness of bees to the hundreds of attendees, including children.
  • Participating in "No Mow May" on public lands.
  • Sharing interesting information and artwork on social media educating the public about the bees specific to our City.
  • Sharing pesticide information and more natural formulas that homeowners can use to protect bees.
  • Planning a Honeyfest, the first of its kind for our City, to give attention to bees and their significance.
  • Arranging meetings with our elected officials and beekeepers so they can learn more about why these efforts to protect bees are important.
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Books and Bees