Development Codes and Regulations

Unified Development Code (UDC)

On June 28, 2022 the Bee Cave City Council approved the city's first Unified Development Code. This document the consolidates many of the regulations governing land development in Bee Cave. The table to the right lists the UDC's Articles, by topic. The City's Building, Property Maintenance and Fire Codes remain outside of the UDC and may be found in the main Code of Ordinances.

Cover of Unfiied Development Code

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Unified Development Code

Topic Article
Platting & Subdivision 2
Zoning & Site Development 3
Signage 4
Landscaping & Screening 5
Supplemental Standards 6
Stormwater Management 7
Flood Damage Prevention 8

If your property is located within Bee Cave City Limits, it is subject to all City ordinances. If it is in the City's Extraterritorial Jurisdiction, it is subject to Non-Point Source Pollution (water quality), Platting/Subdivision, and Signage regulations and nuisance control only.

City of Bee Cave Code of Ordinances

The complete City of Bee Cave Code of Ordinances is available online.


Referenced Development Ordinances & Regulations

The City Council has adopted several companion codes, reference manuals, and guidance documents.

Rezoning and Planned Development District Ordinances

Each time the City Council rezones land, it adopts an Ordinance memorializing the action. In cases where a land is rezoned to a Planned Development (PD) District, the Council adopts an ordinance specific to that project. Documents are not published to Franklin Legal, but are available here.

Development Agreements

The Texas Local Government Code allows a city to enter into a Development Agreement with a property owner for land located within the city's Extraterritorial Jurisdiction. The scope of such an agreement provides direction for how the land will develop and may address topics such as timing of annexation, land use, development standards, building construction, subdivision, and infrastructure. All Bee Cave Development Agreements and their amendments may be found here.

Subdivision & Platting

Site Development

Building Construction

On June 28, 2022 Bee Cave City Council adopted Ordinance 484 updating the editions of the standard construction codes and property maintenance code and adopting the 2015 International Fire Code with Amendments endorsed by Emergency Services District No. 6 (LTFR).

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