Building Permits & Inspections

Building Permitting and Inspections Division is responsible for permitting building construction and conducting inspections to ensure life safety and compliance with codes and regulations. This page contains information regarding the plan review, permitting, and inspections process. Please contact us if your question cannot be answered herein and we will be happy to help.


  1. When do I need a permit?
  2. How do I apply?
  3. How much is the permit?
  4. How do I register as a contractor?
  5. What building codes does the City follow?


1. When do I need a permit?

  • Additions to existing structures
  • Building a deck exceeding 200 sq. ft. and/or greater than 30" from grade
  • Change of occupant/New tenant lease space/use
  • Demolition
  • Fences over 7 ft. tall
  • Finishing an attic, or garage to make additional living space
  • Irrigation systems (including rainwater collection)
  • Major dirt disturbance
  • New A/C Unit (HVAC)
  • New construction (commercial and residential)
  • Remodels (relocation or removal of interior walls, and/or electrical, mechanical, or plumbing)
  • Retaining walls greater than 4 ft. in height
  • Roof replacement
  • Septic system installation or repair
  • Solar panel installation
  • Swimming pools
  • Water Heater/Water softener
  • Water/Wastewater connections
  • Window replacement (only if framing is altered)

You do not need a permit for: Minor landscape work, Residential interior or exterior painting. **You will need a site permit to paint the exterior of a non-residential building.**

Please contact your Home Owners' Association for additional requirements and/or deed restrictions that may apply to your project even if a city permit is not required.

If you do not have a Home Owners' Association, please see your deed restrictions which are usually located in your closing documents. You can also contact the Travis County Clerk for a copy of your property's deed restrictions.

2. How do I apply?


3. How much is the permit?

See the Fee Schedule.

4. How do I register as a contractor?

Submit the application and required materials to the City of Bee Cave Planning and Development office.

5. What building codes does the City follow?

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